Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We need another remote....

My DH received his Christmas present early on Monday - a Blu-Ray DVD player. Sooo, he's playing with it and trying to show me how to use the remote. Another REMOTE!!! I just stood there staring at him. Then, I started counting. To use his newest toy, along with our satellite TV, and VHS player and all the other stuff, there's SEVEN remotes, JUST in the living room!!! I told him I was taking a picture for my blog and was gonna sound off on remotes, and he decided to get in on the action. He rounded up all the other remotes for the other televisions, and computers (yep, he has a TV on his Dell home computer) and we took a snap. Here's the picture - that's 13 remotes side-by-side. And, the really sad thing???? They all work! Please, somebody help him!!! HA! As if!

So, let's take a little poll. Use the polling box to the right and let me know how many remotes you own. We can follow the voting for the next few days. I just wonder if anyone else out there is married to a technophobe like I am. How many remotes do you (or your significant other) have? Let me know and I'll do a post on technophobes and their remotes. Right now, all I can do is shake my head and laugh.

I do have to admit that we are enjoying his early present, though I can see in the near future that a new TV may be in the works.... Maybe this one will have a remote, too. Oh, lord help us!!




  1. Someone needs a tool belt with lots of pockets ?

  2. Very nice blog background/banner :-)

  3. I counted 16 and I'm not sure I remembered them all since I counted in my head! The worst thing is you never know which one you need to pick up when they are all sitting there. Sometimes it is just easier to get up and use the buttons, if you can find them!