Friday, March 6, 2009

Milestones and Timelines

Milestones and timelines. Our decisions and our life. Milestones are the momentous times in our life where we've made a decision or performed an action that changed the direction of our life, our timeline, for good or for bad. We change our mind about the college we will attend. We go to a party where we meet our life's partner (only he doesn't know it yet!) We act on information and become a doctor instead of a lawyer. But our decisions, our actions, will ALWAYS have a momentous impact on our timeline...our life.

The day I married my husband was a milestone. The day I retired was a milestone. A day in February was another milestone. I signed on to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! I stopped being "just retired", to being "retired and working"!! Well, it seems to me like I've been working ever since I signed on and I've not held one workshop yet!

So, here's another milestone for me. I'm going back to work, only it's on my terms and in my time (of course, within the guidelines of the company, etc.etc.etc..!) There's a lot to setting up a business of any kind. There's paperwork, finding space in the house for your files and computer, sending out notices seeking business, ordering supplies, ordering your KIT (first and foremost!), cooking, cleaning, church...well, yeah! These things are part of life! You've got to make time for them, too!

Anyways, I signed up because I LOVE crafting and in particular, stamping! I love making cards, mostly. I would like to think that in the years I've been making cards, I've improved substantially! I've not scrapped too many pages for scrapbooks although I do have a few. But the reason I signed on to SU was the quality of their products! I really appreciate that. I've shopped at many good craft stores. I've bought ephemera and embellishments from every nook and cranny! (You really WOULD be surprised where you can find this stuff! Check your grocery store lately??) There are other good companies out there who shall remain nameless (I'm shameless,aren't I!), and I've shopped their products, too! But Stampin' Up's products are all color coordinated from their paper to their inks and everything in between. I know when I finish a product, whatever it is, everything will blend or harmonize. Even when you set out for "shock" value, the colors still work together! LOVE IT!

With that said, here's a card I made for a challenge I participated in over at CardMaker Magazine (Check out the blinkie to the right!) It was not made exclusively with SU products, but I did use some. After I made the card, I found I really liked it! The scalloped circles are embossed with beautiful copper embossing powder and I think that's the reason it pops. There's no designer paper, no other pattern except for the embossed cream paper layered on the base. Its' simplicity really appeals to me. The card can be turned sideways as well and the inside can be used for whatever purpose you choose. If you case the card, I would encourage you to use a metallic pen to write your message on the inside! Also, if you do case the card, send me a picture! I'd love to see what you did!!

So, that's my news of the day! Milestones and timelines! I hope to "wow" you in the future with more creations from my craft room!

Thanks for Looking!


  1. Congratulations to you Mel. I know you already have tons of fun with your creative card making so I wish you success in your new "RETIREMENT' business as well.

  2. I'm proud of you (as always).