Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Insurance Companies - A Tale of "Good Guys?"

One of the perks of being a federal retiree is the option to keep your health insurance AND be able to afford it. We can still change insurance companies during "Enrollment Season" with the rest of the federal work force and with the cost of insurance, many of us still look to lessen our expenses by shopping fervently for good rates. However, for most of us, it is the single most expensive "luxury" that we pay for out of our monthly annuity. Still, I'm grateful to the powers that be in Washington that decreed we could do so. And I LOVE my insurance company. I just don't like dealing with them. Isn't that what the doctors are supposed to do?

In some cases, the patient (i.e., "me") has to be proactive in ensuring coverage for essential services in order to help cut some of the costs associated with said essential services. Often times, when the insurance company receives the first bill, they will automatically deny it. More than likely, it's SOP for them. However, if the patient (i.e., "me") is incredibly patient (i.e., "stubborn"), the patient (i.e., "me") must resubmit the claim...SEVERAL times. Phone calls must be made to follow up on the resubmissions both to the insurance company AND to the doctor or "provider of services rendered". Tears are shed and husbands are cried on (bless them!) before the patient (i.e., "me") is sufficiently calmed down to talk. Usually, after a lot of back and forth letters and correspondence and phone calls and late-night "what if" talks with husbands, the insurance companies come through. The interminable waiting, though, can exact a toll on a patient's (i.e., "me") patience.

How often do you cry out, "Lord, grant me patience and do it NOW!"? I know I do, frequently!! But, do you know you should not pray for patience? Why? Because God grants patience through trials and tribulations. It's a virtue, I know, and one I don't possess in great quantities (well, not so much in little quantities, either!). So, He patiently (there's that word again!) teaches me daily, over and over and over. He is so patient with me - I must be one of His problem children - all full of trials and tribulations! But I know God sees all and is so sympathetic to us, His creations! I need to pray that His Will be done in His time and in His way.


  1. mel - well, I've been stalking your blog - just had not commented yet - good job!!

  2. So happy that the insurance company decided in your favor. You'll soon blog about hearing unfamiliar birds singing outside your window. What a treat (or twwweeet). :-}