Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I see Spring!!

I live in West Virginia where signs of spring are almost revered when they appear. When you see the tiny shades of green underbrush along road sides, you start getting antsy. When the forsythia blooms, you start walking a little quicker. When the pear trees bloom, you're almost in a trot!! It's wonderful!

But I'm in Tennessee where spring has fast forwarded and the pear trees are blooming!!! And I know I have to return to the hills of West Virginia where we have to backtrack to the litle tiny signs of spring - the underbrush. Brrrrr....

Anyway, we got a chance to visit with my dad and stepmother while in Tennessee. (Hi, Daddy!) We walked around their garden and side yard where they have bushes blooming and a really funky tree called a corkscrew willow that has tiny shoots all over it. I can't remember all the names of the trees and bushes but it was heartening to see things in bloom!! Spring IS a-comin', folks!! That's a given! YAAYY!

Well, I don't have a spring card to share with you just yet because I "only" have a laptop with me and no way to scan a new card in, but I promise to showcase something when I return to West Virginia. In the meantime, (oooh, the sun's coming out!!) PREPARE FOR SPRING! It truly is coming!

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  1. Just think, you'll have another chance to see the flowering pear trees in a couple weeks! (Miss your posts :-)