Monday, February 16, 2009

A Federal Holiday for some...

When I was still a working person, I dreaded the Presidents' Day holiday. It was the last holiday of a 3 month blitz of holidays starting with Thanksgiving and working through Christmas, New Years, MLK Day and Presidents Day. It was the start to that dreaded long, dry spell of no federal holidays till Memorial Day in May. If you're a Fed, you know what I mean. Twelve weeks of NO FEDERAL HOLIDAYS! But, once May came around, you were pretty much okay. Summer was nigh with the 4th of July Holiday, and you could get outside, even take a vacation if you wanted. And then came September with Labor Day and school starting. Anticipation is building. Then comes October with Columbus Day. You're getting giddy thinking about the upcoming holiday schedule! November arrives! Veterans Day and Thanksgiving and then...THEN!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!! You made it once again through the maze of federal holidays!! YAAYY!!

Now, I'm retired and I don't get nearly as excited about holidays as I used to. Sigh. Sighh, Sighhh. Oh wait!! I'm retired!! EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY! Right. Six Saturdays and a Sunday. Oh, the life of a federal retiree! It makes me giggle, laugh and once in a while let out a whoop! I. D.O.N.T. H.A.V.E. T.O. G.O. T.O. W.O.R.K.! No gloating here. Heeheehee!!

Okay. Enough already. Today's full. I have to go with Ernie this afternoon to get a part put in the Van. It was due for inspection in January and failed. Apparently one of the parking lights is out and we didn't know it. They ordered the part and went ahead and passed for the sticker so we could drive it - but there's a notation that the van has to get a part and they finally called last week to say the part was in. Tada. Thank goodness for holidays....wait. No, I'm retired and don't have to worry anymore about taking off work to do this kind of thing! Heehee!

We're anticipating a long awaited trip to Tennessee and Maryland soon. This winter has been harsh, preventing us from visiting, as we had wanted to, our friends and families. So, we've made play dates for us - we're heading to Maryland, first, for a week, then we're coming back home, checking on the cat, changing clothes (as it were) and heading to Tennessee to play there. Yippee!! I swear, next year we're not gonna let winter sock us in - we'll move out before it hits! Maybe be snow bunnies for once. I've decided I have had enough snow for the year.

As for cards: I finished my six cards for a Springtime-Anything goes card swap. They aren't due till March, but with the trip coming up, it's nice to get something done and on its way out. Once they are mailed, I'll post a print. I like them and think they could be used for anything spring-y!

Thanks for stopping by! I love to read your comments - nice to hear from you!!
Hugs and Smoochies to you!

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  1. Good morning! I love reading your posts. A great way to stay in touch.

    As a federal retiree, I had similar thoughts this morning. Surprised to see snow flurries here in Virginia. . . though not enough to keep us from driving home later.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!