Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farewell to Joyce

Today's post is in memory of my sister-in-law Joyce. She passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2008. An amazing woman, she was my husband's oldest sister and the oldest of seven children. She had made her home with her youngest sister for many years and had a sense of humor both wickedly pointed and endearingly funny. You couldn't help but laugh with her when she told her stories. Joyce died of Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis...Lou Gehrig's Disease. She was 74 and I miss her.

Before Joyce retired, she was the head librarian at a local library in Suitland, Maryland. She was an avid reader of mysteries and loved British Television. She crocheted and knitted, blessing nearly everyone in her family with her creations. I have a gorgeous crocheted afghan in my living room - it's light, airy and as warm as a blanket. She was a wonderful cook. I remember going to her apartment at Thanksgiving or Christmas and eating...and eating...and eating. She loved cooking and cookbooks. She never let any of us starve, for sure!! I miss her.

When I was first married, Joyce became my oldest sister that I never had. She cut my hair, gave me permanents and generally loved me as the wife of her oldest brother. She wouldn't take any payment, so I would buy tickets to a play or a concert at the Kennedy Center and take her. I miss her.

She had a sense of style that I tried to mimic. I told her once I loved to visit her because I always went home and tried to copy her "look", whether it was her decorating or her wardrobe. She was cool before cool became cool! I miss her.

I am old enough to know that life is always full of "I wish I had done..."and "I wish I had been..." moments. Life is full of regrets. I know mine is. I wish I had stayed in touch with her more. I wish I had called her more. I wish I had more time to tell her what she has meant to me over the last 38 years. Joyce, I miss you!


  1. Mel,

    What an beautiful tribute to a fine lady.

    Bless you,