Monday, February 2, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

I hope you're waking up this morning knowing your favorite won the Super Bowl last night. (In case you're wondering and haven't seen the news yet, the Steelers won 26-23.) But, if you're not, please know that PITTSBURGH ROCKS!!!! And,yes, we did watch the commercials. But, I am disappointed. There were a few cute ones, a couple of weird ones and one I didn't get at all. By the way, did you catch the Denny's commercial? Their surprise is a free Grand Slam for every American on Tuesday, February 3rd!! Check out their website, here, for details and time!! WOW!!

I've finally got the pictures from Saturday's Love Much Bundle class, held at Kathy Hamrick's home. I LOVE this stamp set! I know you can't see it but the card with the fold on top is all sparkly with SU's Dazzling Diamonds. She had us use SU's two-way glue stick to set the glitter over the word. When I got home I got all my supplies together to make at least the cards for a quick Valentine for my Sunday School Class. They will get the Valentines on the 15th, because the 14th is on a Saturday. But that's okay. The ladies don't know they are getting them and I don't think any of them know about my blog (yet!).

Well, the title of today's post is The Calm Before The Storm. I have had some evil rumors blown my way that there's another wicked snow storm heading our way tonight and tomorrow. I've heard everything from 8 to 12 inches ((!!??) to a more manageable 2-5 inches. So, the calm is....make sure your crockpot works and fire that baby up!! There's some serious cooking needs to be made today!!

Okay, time to get going. It's 6:30 and the coffee's made. My DH is still asleep and I can set up my crockpot and make some soup for tonight.

Oh, one more thing. On the way to the evening service last night,we mailed my "Make It Anyway You Want" card to Teresa!! I sure hope she likes it!! But I also learned a lesson this weekend. I won't be posting pictures anymore before I've sent them! Ok, lesson learned!

I appreciate your visit!! Y'all come back now, hear?

My sister "advised me" that Pittsburgh won 27-23 "because she lost the office pool". I stand corrected!! Sorry about the pool, Steph!!


  1. Mel,

    Great shot of the cards. I was able to save it to my computer for studying later.

    I think Denny's offer warrants a trip to town this Tuesday.


  2. You didn't post anything today. Guess you're on the way to Denny's. Hope the line isn't too long.