Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Please, just TURN IT OFF!!! Somebody?? Anybody??

Snow....again!!! If I could find the switch, I'd turn it off, believe me!! The first three times were okay, but I think we're bordering on number one gazillion now and it's reallly, realllly tiring. Yesterday,I had a doctor's appointment in Bridgeport. So,I got myself ready, got in the car and got to the end of my driveway. Then, it was downhill all the way. Literally. I had to talk to myself as I drove that I did this for 35 years and one more time wouldn't do me in. I'm glad I did go, because I had a good day, which for me means shopping!!! YAAY!! The sun came out, blue skies abounded and the roads were reasonably clear. Winner all around. Then today, I wake up and there's new snow coming down. When we moved to West Virginia, we commented on the weather here and were told, "stick around, it'll change in 5 minutes". HA! Doesn't make the 5 minutes!! Urgh.

I don't have any cards today. With the big shopping trip yesterday, the only thing accomplished was actually getting my "Hi" cards for the Children's Hospital in Columbia, MO, actually in the mail to Lora Brinkman!! I sent her an email that I had actually succeeded!! Go, me!! Heehee!!

Well, since that's pretty much all the news today, I'll go ahead and close. If you're on the roads today, please be careful. If you're not, say a prayer for those that are and keep warm yourselves!!

Hugs and smoochies!!


  1. Good morning, Mel

    So glad you had a safe trip yesterday. Wasn't the sunshine wonderful!!! Since I'm still in my PJs, I'll keep this brief . . . gotta get moving. I tried checking TV Weekly's Scrapbook Lounge, but they are still "down" (going on 30+ days).


  2. You know what? It must be a common saying because they said that about Utah - even to the point of doing a commercial on TV to promote UTAH! It must be bunk or they listen to the weather reporter too much, LOL.

    Stay warm, glad you had a successful trip yesterday and hope each new day is better than your yesterdays!