Monday, December 28, 2009

Countdown to 2010

A brand-spankin' new year is about here and I'm not ready for it. You know what I mean - those new years' resolutions that we're supposed to make....I'm not ready. I haven't thought of what I want to change...or start...or finish in 2010. So, I haven't got a list. Guess I better start thinking about that. Frankly, I know I can't change the world or even the next door neighbors (whom I actually like, by the way), so I guess all the change will have to be with me. (Darn, aren't I perfect already? Oh, not by a loooong shot, nosirree!!) I think I'll think about this for a while.

Why don't you join with me and think about your new years resolutions? I'll post a poll to the right about the most popular resolutions and on New Year's we'll just see what they are!! One vote per person for your resolution highest on your own list, please.

Thanks for stopping by! Get started on those resolutions! You want them ready to roll on January 1st!


  1. hee hee... I'm not making any this year. :)

  2. I resolve to see my sisters more this year