Saturday, December 19, 2009

And more snow......

Snow update (Saturday afternoon): It's still snowing and I wanted to share more pictures with you of the snow. I put my little snow boots on and took a metal ruler out to the patio. When I opened the door, it was very obvious I couldn't walk out - the snow was over my boots! So I stuck the ruler in and took a snap - 10 inches!! I wish I had time-stamped this first image because an hour later, I went back out when we saw a pair of redbirds at the feeder in the front yard. I wanted to fill the feeder and take another reading. This time it was just over 11 inches. Just to be "accurate", I've been taking the reading at the same spot. The snow is coming down fast enough to fill the previous reading spot!! Whooo. I believe this is the snow storm that we've been waiting for about 4 years now. It should significantly help our very low water table here in West Virginia. I just hope it doesn't take a LONNNG time to melt.

Ernie took pictures of the redbirds at the feeders. I was sloppy and got a lot of seed on the snow, but the birds pick that up too. There's a junco and several little brown birds, too

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