Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cell phones are the bees knees!

We are a frugal couple....Not. But we do like a good bargain. Tracfone has a good bargain package for folks such as we are and they now have a nice cell phone with a camera by Motorola. It sells for about 29.95 at most Walmarts, too. I convinced my husband to let me buy the new camera phone and I've been having a blast. Who knew camera phones were so much fun!! But as with any newfangled device, there's a learning curve and I haven't mastered the transfer of my pictures to my computer! Dratdratdrat! So, you don't get to see my pictures!! But they are pretty!

Ah, well. Let's look at cards for today instead! Oh, no! I'm on the wrong computer and I don't have any of my card photos! GRRRRR!!! Bad planning on my part doesn't help you at all! Good grief. Sorry guys. I can't even come up with a good tip of the day for you. But at least I posted. Don't be mad - I'll be back as soon as possible.



  1. Your post made me smile. The fun you are having with your new cell phone tempts me to buy one too. . . but, you know my old excuse.

    Patience %$#@ I'm sure we'll love the card photos. 8-}

    Your closing "TFSB" definition, according to my search: The Fabulous Shaker Boys (Netherlands)

  2. Reading your post today made me smile and laugh out loud! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Been there, Done that kinda thing.
    Hey, when you figure out how to transfer photographs from cell phone to computer, please, be sure to share the secret with me!

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