Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesdays and losses

My niece's team, the Purple Thunder, were downed by the Lady Lightning team last night in a double header softball game. Their only losses for an otherwise outstanding season - 13-0!!

My sister said the PTs made all kinds of defensive errors, dropping the ball, and that was just the first game. They lost that one 22-8. The second game was better - my niece threw a long ball to first to get the girl out, but their heart was gone.

My niece was mowed down by the umpire who didn't see her, and knocked her flat on her back - she almost did a backwards summersault. But that little girl got back up and kept playing!!! Way to go, honey!!

My sister said, "After they lost the second game, McKenzie was in tears saying she didn’t deserve to be on the all-star team. I told her that watching her get back on her feet and continue to play after being knocked down by a grown man confirmed to me that she was an all-star."

It was a great season and now today we start the all-star tournament season.

WOW!! What a season!!

For my Stampin' Up Customers, June is an excellent month all-around for Stampin Up - the "Last Chance" list comes out, and hostesses can earn extra bucks for their shows! If you have a workshop that totals between $250 to $399, you receive an extra $20 in hostess dollars from SU! If your workshop is over $400 (WOW!!), you receive an extra $40 in hostess dollars! Woohoo!!!

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