Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When she's mad, she packs a wallop!

Mother Nature is having her way with us....again! It's snowing here in West Virginia and all my daffodils are seriously drooping. We've got about an inch on the ground and it's windy and blowing and cold. All the beautiful blossoming trees are covered in the white stuff so I imagine the blossoms will fall overnight here. Local lore says we have several more winters to go through before it's all over - dogwood winter, blackberry winter, strawberry winter....can't we just have one and get it over with??! At least I know that Spring will be back. It's a promise!

So, Here's April and soon it will be May. May stands for graduations, so I've made two graduation cards for my step-mother. She has two grandsons graduating this year, one day apart in two states, and yes, I think she's gonna try to attend both. Fortunately for her and my dad, they are only hours away, just in different directions. Anyway, I wanted to showcase both of them for you today. (I blame the scanner for the wierd colors on the first one!) Both cards are made with the school colors in basic cardstock and are identical except for the colors. I used SU's ticket corner punch and wound gold or silver metallic crossstitch thread around the edges. The cap is a Jolee's sticker and the stamps are generic clear stamps. I used a computer program to generate the boys' names and...shoot. I just realized I didn't put the rest of the label under the names. I have "Class of 2009" to be adhered right under the names. You'll just have to 'pretend' it's already there. On the inside, I used the other generic clear stamp for the message in the center and placed balloons with little metal strings to the right of the message. (I think the blurry view of the message is caused by the balloon's popup. Drat!) I've used the wonderful clear acetate envies from SU to enclose the cards - a nice classy touch. I think I may make card holders to insert in the card for my SM. I don't know if she'll put any money in there, but at least she will have them for the boys.

So, a simple but classy card for boys who are graduating high school. You like?

Now, here's a new feature I'll start from today:

When using chalks and other powders on your creations, cotton swabs and cotton balls are inexpensive and can be cut to suit the project. Easy cleanup, just toss and go!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice cards! Hey - where in WV are you? I live in Northern VA. (Not metropolitan; the tip of VA.) We're getting snow today, too. How weird is that?

  2. Just the inspiration that I needed to tackle grad cards! Great job!

  3. Lovely job, Mel! I draw a blank when it comes to Grad cards.