Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Frustrated Crafter is an Inventive One!

I have grown so frustrated over my attempts to produce clear photos of my "creations". Yesterday's session with the graduation cards finally put the mud on the cake so to speak. I had read on Sharon Johnson's blog one day that she had used a "photo tent". At the time I didn't pay any attention, but after my DH and I discussed yesterday's fiasco, a light bulb went off and we started googling photo tents! WOW!! There's a wealth of information out on the web for building an inexpensive photo box! But this is the website I finally hit on that 1. made sense, and 2. had GOOD instructions! It's I know, I know - you've probably been there, done that, but I'm a slow learner! At least we found the site and now I can make my projects look a little more professional! If you want the link to the article I found to make my version of a photo tent, this is the link for the photo tent.

After spending the morning building a small photo tent, we took pictures of a card I had made for a fellow Cardmaker. I am pumped over the results!! I can't show it to you just yet because she hasn't received it. But I promise to showcase it as soon as I can!

Tip of the Day:
Do you have a lot of long ribbon strips that are accumulating in a box somewhere? Well, here's a tip. Use an empty paper towel roll, take doublesided tape, apply all along the length, and start rolling your ribbon scraps! TaDa!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Addendum at 5P15pm
Okay - I've just got to show you the difference in photo vs scan! Here's the yellow grad front Check out yesterday's blog and you can see the diff!!! I'm so tickled!


  1. Great advice Mel! Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try it.

  2. That a great tip for the extra ribbon! Hey I want to see a photo of your photo tent. I think I need help in that area too! Eager to see the picture of the card mentioned above.

  3. My comments don't always post....arrrgh! User-error, I'm sure!

    Love your new design & easy tips.

  4. I love the daily tips! TFS!

  5. Thanks for the link to the photo tent. I always need help with that. I always have too much flash or something.

  6. That card is very classy!! And thanks for the tips on the photo tent.

  7. Thanks for posting a photo. I'm off to make a photo tent tomorrow. That picture is FABULOUS!

  8. Thanks so much for the tip on the photo tent. I have been struggling with how to get my photos to look better! Do you edit your photos in a photo shop type program?

    Looking forward to visiting your blog.

  9. Nice idea for the graduation cards. They came out really nice. I definitely need to look at setting up a photo tent too.