Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday - MOTW Day, poor thing...

Good morning! Today I want to showcase 3 more valentines I've received from friends around the country, literally!! The first is from my friend Judy G. She used one of my favorite stamps from Stampin' Up! This little truck is quite the all-season vehicle! Here she's filled it to the brim with little hearts falling off the back of the truck, and has colored it pink and red - what gal wouldn't want a pink and red truck of her own? I would!

The second card is from my new friend Carol. Her valentine is a gentle reminder of those days when post card valentines were popular. She used a pretty heart-shaped doily to off-set the little postcard and then white embossed hearts in one corner and punched a double heart in the other corner. I think I need to find a little scrapbook to showcase all the lovely valentines I've received this year! What fun later on in the summer to think of valentines again!

The third card is from my friend Sher. It's a Strawberry Shortcake valentine! I love the colors! The powers-that-be have given little Strawberry new retro colors and it's really sweet! The little Strawberry card figure can be pulled off the card and under the figure is a hidden stamp - "From My Heart To Yours...". A sweet sentiment! I think all my cards are keepers, but I cherish the friends that gave them to me even more!

That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow, I'll chat with you about the perils and delights of owning a, that is!



  1. Good morning,

    Don't be surprised if Kathy H asks you to help her with her blog today. A little birdie told her about your skills with 'puters.

    Next time we're together, you can help me with a short cut to Post Comment(s) on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing the Valentine cards. Very sweet.


  2. I love reading your blog and what you say about the cards your receive. You are truly a wonderful woman. :)