Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Valentines!

You don't have to be married or engaged or even in a relationship to appreciate a sweet valentine! The words and sentiments mean someone thinks a lot of you and appreciates your friendship. I've received some of the prettiest and sweetest Valentines in the past week. I am so blessed! I want to show case a few of them today. The first is a sweet card from my friend, the Empress L. I love the color combination here!

The second Valentine is from my friend Jeanette. She did a lovely job embossing on vellum, a really pretty effect. She makes it look so easy, because vellum intimidates me.

The third valentine is from my dear friend Mare. Her Valentine is black and white with the lovely touch of red - a real popper!

I'm not going to share the insides of the cards because they all contain personal messages. Tomorrow, I'll share 4 more cards with you. I'd say I'm a lucky lady indeed, wouldn't you?

Thanks for stopping by!! Till tomorrow,


  1. HA! I love that you called me Empress L. :)

  2. Mel,

    You are one lucky gal. Ernie will have a tough time topping any of these. Thank you for posting these, including mine.

    Your friend, Mare