Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Show That Wasn't

Recently, I attempted to host a Pampered Chef show in my home, but due to my husband's illness and subsequent trip to the ER, we canceled the home show and made it a book show. It was unfortunate, because the show would have been hosted by uber-talented Tanya Broslawsky. She puts on a show that's both entertaining and educational. Of course, you get to eat her fab food,too!!

Anyways, we closed the show on Friday and the items were delivered today! What fun!! It was like Christmas! I got to look at all the items IRL and wish I had ordered all of them! Of course, being the good hostess that I am, I sorted and tagged all the items, put them in delivery bags and made sure the sales slip was in the bag. But I went one step further. I made a thank-you card for all the gals that supported and ordered from me. It's the fine chef from Stampin' Up!'s Voila stamp set. I did a very simple presentation, using Marvy markers and blender pens to color only the turkey, the parsley and the chef's kerchief. All done on a neutral color, so the roasted turkey really pops. I's hokey, but it's a visual reminder that the customer should be cooking up a storm with their new Pampered Chef items! To tell the truth, when I sent the original invitations, I did the very same card, but with the covered dish instead of the roasted turkey. It's the pre-show question - what's cooking at the show. Unfortunately, I just didn't think to keep a copy of that card so you'll just have to use your imagination. I placed their sales slip inside and wrote a thank you note to them! Just one step further, but I think it makes a difference in presentation.

So, there ya go! Thanks for stopping by!

Catch you later,


  1. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I notice you applied text on your photo--looks very nice. (Yesterday, I found a way to do this with my MacBook software.)

  2. That is so sweet!! I love Pampered Chef. I'm also very impressed with your name across your photo. :) You go, girl!

  3. Love the card, it so adorable. I love Pampered Chef too. Glad you had a good order.