Thursday, February 5, 2009

Schools closed, roads closed, mind closed.....snore

I do believe we're supposed to be hibernating right now. Of course, we haven't had the snow that the northeast has had this winter, but my little corner of the world has been blanketed with snow for, oh, about a gazillion years now. The ground doesn't even get a clean break before more of the white stuff is dumped! We've got about 6 to7 inches of the white stuff on the ground as I type, but the sun is shining and it's about 5 degrees. Get this! Tomorrow's high? 40 degrees! Saturday?? 53!!!!! Go figure! If I weren't retired, I think I'd be really frustrated right now. My little "no work" dance is getting old and is turning into a "no work" shuffle. I can't believe I woke up at 3 just to check on the snow!!! Go figure! I can't! Blah blah blah. Betcha you could top this, right??

I finished my Scratch 'N Sniff cards yesterday and have got them ready to mail, but they will have to wait till tomorrow when the snow plows have dug us out and I can get the car out. I've got to take my diva cat, Muffin, to the vet for her annual checkup, so I'll stop by the post office on the way back and mail my two packages. YAAY!! Then, it's on to the next challenge, a Waterfall Easter Card. That will be FUN!!

Today is "vacuum the house" day - that's moving furniture, dusting baseboards and generally trying to make the carpets last a little longer. I'm trying to talk my DH into putting down wood floors all through the first level - we did it in the dining room and kitchen and it really looks nice. We did all the work ourselves (yeah, and we're still married!!) and it actually turned out! But, DH is not seeing it my way so I'll keep on vacuuming.

That's about it for this morning. If I get all the vacuuming done, I may reward myself with a few hours in the craft room. And if I get the reward, maybe I'll get a card posted. And if I get a card posted, maybe I'll hear from some of you out there in readerland!! YAAY!!

Thanks for stopping by! If you're driving, PLEASE be careful! And if you're not, say a prayer for those who are and stay safe!



  1. Good morning sunshine! Soon we're going to see some relief from the snow and cold. We certainly are blessed to be retired.

    I'm really becoming cautious about Paper Craft Planet. There are a few photos and tutorials that need a PG13 rating. I may start my own blog for posting pictures.

  2. HA! I'll post even if you don't have a card to share. :) I love reading about your happy shuffle... HA!

  3. Love your blog and loved talking to you this morning. So, let's see, now we have snail mail, email, telephone, facebook and a blog to keep us in touch. Life is getting too complicated for me. Love ya, Connie