Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ahhhh!! Fresh Air!!

Whooo!! This has been a wicked winter! Today, though, brings a breath of fresh air, fleeting though it may be! Our high should reach 60 degrees! I've got the front door open (it's all glass), a screen window open in the L/R, and the back door to my porch wiiiide open!!! I sat out on the porch with some vegetable soup and thoroughly enjoyed the time. There were lots of birds at the feeders and in the small bushes that ring the garden. They were fun to watch and listen to along with the chimes on the porch - I could almost think spring was coming.

Fresh air - you think you're breathing okay in a house that's been closed up against the winter wind and cold snow, but when you wake up one morning and wonder - is that the cat or my feet I smell?? And you can't tell the difference - you need some fresh air. Thank goodness for today!! Fresh Air!! I could wax lyrical here but I'm not a poet and I know it!!

Ernie is still down for the count with bronchitis. I suffered for years with it - nearly every winter I'd come down with it and would be sick for weeks. He didn't. Now the roles are reversed and he's the sickly one. We were to have traveled over to Winchester Virginia this weekend for his granddaughter's baptism, but I had to call and tell them we couldn't make it because Grandpa is ailing right now. Poor guy.

I need to work on the next challenge - the waterfall Easter Card. But it's not due till March so I've got a few days to get my thinking cap on. I finally got a chance to mail out my Scratch N Sniff Card and my Scraplings out yesterday. I needed to go to Walmart so I took everything to the post office...and found it closed for lunch. Drat! Sooo, I made the stop on the way back and I found a spot right in front of the PO - it was a parallel park spot - I'm terrible at parallel parking!!! I thought they'd outlawed that years ago!! But just then a spot at the end of the line came open and I slid in there. YAAY!! I got the packages mailed and hied myself home to my ailing honey with his meds. Hope he gets better soon.

Please be careful out there! Enjoy the fresh air if you can and plan for spring! I told Ernie I was ready to move - run away south, anywhere south that didn't have a lick of snow - Key West came to mind. Oh, wait. They have hurricanes.

Well, that's about all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you if you've got a project you're working on,or if you have a question I can "answer" for you - if I can't I'll work to find an answer!! Maybe that's my new "day" job - find answers for people! HA! What a job!!



  1. Mel,

    I was missing your blog entries. I think you should keep these as a little journal. Very enjoyable!

    We spent the day running errands, washing the cars, and taking a walk. Certainly was great.

    So sorry to hear Ernie has bronchitis. Poor guy.

    I have 3 new Cuttlebug dies! I'm having fun trying them. Any suggestions welcome.

    Your friend, Mare

  2. we had almost 70 degrees today... i opened the windows, turned on the fans and enjoyed the fresh air as well. :)

  3. We are still closed up and now the first of three storms are here. So you all out in towards the EAST, beware! It will be coming your way within 10 days or so. Enjoy your sunshine and warmer temperatures because I do believe it is temporary.
    Oh, My MIL & FIL lives in Florida and they had record breaking lows, freezes - she wants to move south but that would take her out of our Beautiful Country! She said, she will stay in the Tampa area! LOL...

    Ernie, I know what you are going through. I hope you feel better real soon.