Thursday, February 26, 2009

Challenges! I love Challenges!!

It's here! It's Here! It's Crop Day!! Day one and the challenge is on! Actually, there will be 4 challenges and 2 games today. Here's the story. Over at Cardmaker Magazine, we have a forum made up of people who LOVE to work with paper, whether it be card making, scrapbooking, or general paper crafts! Some of us are true diehards when it comes to paper crafting! And today is the first day of a marathon Virtual Crop! A lot of preparation has gone into this Crop. So, follow the blinkie over on the right to the site and log on or register (it's free) and read all about the Virtual Crop (first ever for this forum!). Then, participate in some (or all!) of the challenges! Even if you don't participate, you'll enjoy reading and following along some of the threads for the Crop!

I'm one of the challenge hosts for today and whipped up a challenge called Patterned Paper and Ribbon Challenge. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anymore about it here (ooohh, secret stuff!), so you must visit the site to read about the challenge. But I will tell you this, there are prizes to be had! Most, if not all of the challenges will have a random drawing at the end of the crop (Midnight, March 6th, 2009). So, if you're interested in reading more about the challenges and the prizes, I encourage you to visit the website and play! It's a LOT OF FUN!!!

PS - Playing anything is good for the mind and soul. If you don't want to do the card crops, there are several games being played there where you can still join in the fun!

See ya at the Forum!!


  1. You are so much fun. I love reading your blog. I can feel the enthusiasm in your voice. :)

  2. Did you get any sleep last night?