Thursday, January 29, 2009

I See February!!

I've seen Januarys come and go, oh, for over 56 years now, but this one seems to wanna hang on FOREVER!! But the good news is that I see February peeking around the corner! Just a couple of more days and she'll be here - that heart-felt month, that lovers month, the month you say thank goodness January's gone!! HA! The weather has been so ugly (that's an ugly word isn't it?) that I've had to postpone two appointments from today to next week. Yeesh. I'll probably make the vet's appointment for Muffin tomorrow because the roads should be fairly well salted and cleared by tomorrow morning. Poor Muffin.

Sooo, do you have your valentine's present or card ready yet for your heartthrob? Well, do you?? Neither do I. I've been working on so many other things, that I've forgotten my nearest and dearest friend, my wonderful husband, Ernie! So, I think I should make him my highest priority next, wouldn't you say? Me, too! Only problem is, he's nosy, always peeking over my shoulder and giving his honest opinion on my current project. And I appreciate that, yes I do! Most of the time. But I don't want him to see what I'll make him for my Valentine's gift to him, right?! I'll think of something!

I don't have any cards this morning but I have been working on my scraplings! My theme for the itty-bitty scrapling swap is "coffee mug" so I've come up with a sweet little thing that I'll post here when I mail month!! Guess you gotta wait!! Heehee!!

Well, that's it for this Thursday morning! If you're driving, I hope you're not reading this and if you're not driving, I hope you're working on something! Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and smoochies!


  1. Mel,

    You're doing a great job! Sorry to hear you had to cancel another appointment. I think SpRiNg is just around the corner. %->

    Your friend, Mary

  2. no... no i do not have a gift for my sweetie... I may go do that this weekend... but i have no idea what I'm getting him, either. HA!