Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

My father will be 79 this October. He's got back problems, neck problems, pain and discomfort. But to me, he looks wonderful. We don't always agree on things (who doesn't?) but he doesn't berate me or make me feel little because of it. We love each other and that's enough for me. When my sisters and I were growing up in Tennessee, we usually took a trip in the fall to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. The timing coincided with the annual fall craft fair and my dad's birthday. To this day, I love the Smokies. I am making my own memories now with my husband of 34 years, but it helps that we have a daughter that lives in Greenback, Tennessee, at the foothills of the Smokies!

But this post is in honor of my dad. I made this card for him and will mail it this morning. Even though he doesn't always read my blog, I'll still say this. Daddy, I love you. You're the first man in my life that I said that to and I know you love me, too. You've given me good advice (and didn't get too mad if I didn't always follow it), you've shown me admiration for my talents, and you've been a great encourager for both me and my husband. For that, we love you.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Your loving daughter

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  1. I hope your Dad reads your blog to really understand just how much you really do love him and respect him.
    My Dad doesn't realize just how much it hurts when he belittles me and women in general. It must be their man's generation mentally. Unfortunately, I am NOT able to forgive my father for his last words spoken to me that finally broke our relationship. Yet again you and I have something in common with our difficult fathers, I do love my Dad. My Dad disowns me now and makes sure he tells everyone because I disagree with him and he wants me to be a little girl at my age (51) and listen to him and do what he wants. His way or no way. That is my Dad's decision, I still love him. He just doesn't realize it. Oh well, there is nothing more to do.