Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two weeks ago! Oh my!

I had no idea so much time had flown by since my last post! I'm so sorry!! Whooo. But...I do have a couple of things to show you today, though, so maybe that will help a little with the withdrawal pangs! LOL!

Stampin' Up's Definitely Decorative items (formerly known as Decor Elements) have really expanded so, I went shopping. In the first picture, I chose Upsy Daisies for my black laptop. WOW!! Does it ever pop!!

I also like wall words so in the second picture, I chose Joshua 24:15 in black, and placed it in our foyer over a sweet black frame containing four stippled pictures given to me by my dear friend Mary. I'm honored to have several of her items in my home.

So, do you like? I know I do and I plan to shop here more often. Wait!! Did you know you could choose hostess gift items from their Definitely Decorative catalog?? Well, you do now! Contact me if you're interested in a catalog or if you want to place an order!

Tip of the day:
I love the Big Shot but I don't have all the dies (yet!) so I have to be creative in producing similar results to projects I've found. Here's one using the square scallop instead of the top note die. Score the square scallop from one corner to the alternate corner. Then using your crimper, place the square leading with one of the non-scored corners. Once it's crimped, crease along the scored edge. Your square/triangle is now ready to decorate a bag or box!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Mel,

    I'm positive the Decor Elements on the laptop will draw attention and hopefully some SU customers.

    The picture of your foyer wall looks great. Nice enough for a magazine. The combination of the black frame really sets off the scripture verse.

    Next time we're together you'll have to demo your tip of the day. I'm more of a visual learner. 8-}

  2. Don't you just love the Decor Elements! They look great where you put them. I really like the verse on your wall.

  3. I'm another huge fan of the Definitely Decorative items. I love the Upsy Daisy on your laptop!