Monday, June 8, 2009

New look, New style, new, new, new!!!

Hi there! As this is Monday, I want to wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous new WEEK! There's lots happening here at our home - we're prepping for a road trip and I'm prepping to redesign my blog....again! There's so much new stuff out there for designing blogs and websites and I realllllly want to learn how to pretty my site up for you! So, even though I'm not shutting down, I'm going to be spending time learning all about designing a blog! Sounds like a LOT of fun! I like this kind of stuff! I hope to have my new site up and running by Monday, June 15. So, stay tuned!!

Tip of the day:
Take pictures of, or scan EVERYTHING you do (at least in crafts!) It's a sanity saver! (Not that I'd need my sanity saved :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Mel,

    What can I say, except your blog is great already!! I'll look forward to "your" new look ;-} and to your safe return to WWWV (that's Wild Wonder West Virginia).

  2. No pressure . . . but June 15th was a few days ago. ;-} Have you been busy??? LOL