Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We returned home to West Virginia in the early evening hours last night. I had forgotten this is a holiday weekend (I'm retired! Everyday's a holiday!) and was utterly amazed at the amount of traffic on I-81 and I-70 on the return trip! People were loaded to the top and I do believe all of them were headed to West Virginia for the weekend! I thought they were going to follow me up my driveway!! HA! Seriously, though, I think I lost most of them in Morgantown. WHERE are they GOING??!

We had driven to New Jersey to visit some dear friends in Williamstown that we hadn't seen in several months. We had a WONDERFUL visit and played lots of card games and ateateateate! She's the bestest cook in the world, bar none. She's the one that everyone else tries to emulate when it comes to her apple pies! Wooo! Good!!!

We're home now - I did the laundry last night and filled all the bird feeders this morning. My DH has headed up to the church to cut the grass and I'm going to the PO to pick up our held mail this morning. If I don't we won't see any mail til Tuesday (which isn't such a bad idea, really - who wants to see doctors bills and ads on such a glorious holiday weekend??)

No cards - gotta get crackin on that. though! This week was all about friends and family - no stampin', no bloggin', no nothin'. Wonderful just to relax and enjoy our friends. We did drive up to Ocean City, New Jersey one day just to walk on the beach. That was really nice. We ate an early dinner at a nice seafood place and got home in time to play some more "hand-and-foot", gals against the guys. Loads of fun. We're looking forward to visiting with them again later this summer. Hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! Remember our heroes!

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  1. Glad you're home, close by!

  2. Welcome Home! Can't wait to see your new creations!

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  4. Sorry about the deleted comment - my mind wandered in the middle....

    I am glad you had such a fun week! We have lived in NJ for the last 9 years and will be going to the shore for the first time ever in July!