Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the countdown begins....

Now, don't laugh! This is my first Open House since I signed on with Stampin' Up and I'm highly charged right now. And I don't mean in a "good" way either. I invited over 60 people and they are dropping like flies on a cold winter day. That's so discouraging to me. I know the 10 percent rule. After all, I sold those beautiful Longaberger Baskets for over 5 years. I remember how hard it was to get people to attend home shows even then. Both my husband and my upline Kathy have told me over and over that everything is going to be fine and I'll fully enjoy the day no matter who attends the open house. I've got tons of door prizes and a really nice grand prize to be given away at the end of the day. I have 5 make-and-takes for their choosing and two scrapbook pages. I've got a huge pot of soup with crusty bread and good desserts. I've talked it up, sent emails, called them, sent personal invitations, what else can I do? So tell me, those of you who have gone before me and paved the way, how do you entice the populace to enter in?

Okay, enough whining on my part. I'll pick myself up and keep going. Here's a card I've set up as a make-and-take. I CASE'd the card from Janet Elam on the SU website, and made it almost the same way but did the flowers differently. It's done on that fabulous Baja Breeze (I'm gonna miss that color come July!) with Chocolate Chip and Baja Breeze ribbon. I used Baja Breeze Classic Ink and Chocolate Chip cardstock. The squares are 1 3/8 inches square, so I used my Cricut to cut "A LOT" of those little squares. I used Stickles for the glitter in the middle and used the flower from the Eastern Blooms stamp set. It's a nice card, appropriate for just about anyone on your list! (You should have seen me trying to center that flower on those little squares until I realized they weren't SUPPOSED to be centered! Once I realized that, I actaully had fun making those little squares!! HA!)

Tip of the Day:
Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up.
(paraphrased from Winston Churchill)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your card. I too am going to miss baja breeze. I sure wish I was coming to your open house. How far of a drive is it??? HA!

  2. Melanie- I looove your card, but can I make one tiny suggestion? I would change your verse to a current one. SAB sets are "retired" (or at the least, unavailable) and you may have luck demo'ing a current verse. Then you can sell the set it came from :)

    And make sure you let them know they can recreate it easy peasy with our 1 3/8 in square punch!

  3. This card turned out great. I hope you enjoy your open house. It sounds like you have some fun events planned!

  4. Love the card! Good ole' Longaberger - I sold them too for 5 or 6 years!!! I always entice them with lots of raffles...people love FREE stuff! Good Luck!!!

  5. guilt... guilt your friends in to attending. HA HA!!!!

    It gets hard this time of year for people to make time... don't take it personally. :)

  6. Love the card. I too have trouble getting people out but just hang in there.

  7. Love the card and love when flowers don't have to be centerd! I too will miss the Baja color.

    I agree with Kristy to make it a current saying to make people need the set and have that square punch sitting out by it!

    Good luck with your open house. It is hard this time of year.

  8. Beautiful card! Hope your Open House went great! I'll miss the Baja Breeze too, it has kind of grown on me.

  9. I LOVE this card! I love Baja too. I also had a problem with Open Houses - I finally realized it wasn't me when I was talking to Angie Juda Kennedy (you may know her as Chic n' Scratch) and she said that if she didn't attach a price people didn't attend her Open Houses either. She is way more successful than I am or probably ever will be so I thought I'd pass that nugget along as it made me feel oodles better!

    I also have a little tip - I noticed the same as the other poster but I also noticed you mentioned Stickles. I love Stickles but SU! doesn't sell them so could I recommend a Two Way Glue Pen and Dazzling Diamonds! Works great and since the glitter is loose your customers will have more uses for it. I put mine in a small gladware container with a plastic spoon so I'm not always shoveling it in and out of those tiny jars - I use it way more too because it isn't as much of a hassle! Have a great day!

  10. Mel, If I did live closer to you I sure would
    like a bowl of soup with crusty bread it sounds
    plus I love the set up of your card...wel done

    Have a great day....your friend from CardMaker

  11. The Open House was really fun but now I have a "problem"--3 cards that I want to keep all to myself. They are especially nice! But, seriously. . . I'll take advantage of the treat card and give it to my hairdresser for her birthday tomorrow.

  12. What a beautiful card! I love the color combo and the way the flowers are not centered. They look great!