Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mea Culpa and Tender Mercies, Please!

I've done the very thing that I thought I'd never do. I've forgotten a card swap and left all the folks hanging. I wasn't the hostess, but that's no excuse. The cards were due last week and I got a sweet email from the hostess today asking if I was still participating. Oh, man! I feel badly. I just completely forgot. That is the ultimate sin in card swapping because so many folks are relying on each other. I've thrown myself on the mercy of the forum and the hostess. I can only hope they forgive me and let me back in to participate. The funny thing - I mailed off two swaps yesterday that aren't even due till May!! I thought I really had things on the ball!

I have calendars and sticky notes and spreadsheets and I'm looking at a list right now on my board and this one swap is simply not there. I don't know how I missed it - when I got her email, I immediately started searching for the swap and sure enough - I had signed up March 10 for the swap. Anybody got a dozen cattails for me to flail myself with?

So, word of warning, keep yourself square when you're participating in these swaps. Don't do what I did, please!!

Tip of the Day:
Someone asked me how I come up with a tip every day. Well, most of them are what I call "lessons learned" and today's post is a good example! Find a month-at-a-glance calendar and pencil in when your swaps are due. Then, read your calendar daily!!

Smiles and hugs!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Don't feel terrible. . . guess who forgot to loan you the Stamparound wheel she promised. :-{

    I like your Tip of the Day!

  2. Don't know whose swap you missed, but don't feel bad....I'm sure you'll be accepted in more swaps. Nobody's perfect.

  3. HA! We've all been there. and some of us stress out over wondering if we missed anything... I'm sure it will be fine. :)

  4. It only takes once to get red faced and then it usually doesn't happen again. Been there one way or another.

  5. Thank you so very much for your words, friends! What a lesson. I guess at 56, I'm still young enough to learn, huh! Believe me, I'll re-double my efforts to stay on track!

  6. The best part is that you mailed off two that are early! I am always in a panic about forgetting, but it seems like people are usually very understanding. I'm sure when they see your beautiful creation, they will forget all about it being a little late!