Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Definitely Spring Cause I'm Housecleaning...

Oh, yeah. The signs of spring are everywhere, birds are singing, lawn mowers are crankin' up and I'm in the throes of housecleaning. There's actually been a study (I'd say who cares??) that 95 percent of us really do enjoy cleaning. Well, I do enjoy a clean house, but I don't enjoy the process to get there. This morning, I tackled the bathrooms. Whoo. I just never think of "dusting" in the BATHROOM!! Who'd think that the room we use to get so clean could be so dirty. I mean, c'mon! All that steam and soap and hot water??! But, I really got into it with dusting the tops of the shower, the tops of the medicine cabinets, the shower rods, the towel rods, well, you get the idea. They are clean. For now. Tomorrow, I'll tackle our bedroom. I figure in a month, everything will be clean and good to go for the summer. So, tell me - does it always take that long to do the spring cleaning???

Now, I'll tell you some other news - I'm hosting my very first Stampin' Up Open House/Workshop in three weeks! I'm full of beans about it, planning all kinds of goodies and make 'n takes, and scrapbook pages. I'm lovin' this! So, it's kind of like shopping on steroids, trying to get everything organized and enough supplies ordered. I made two cards and one scrapbook page last night to see if it could be worked into the day and I'm happy about those. I may try a couple more scrapbook pages, showing how to take a card and turn it into a scrapbook page. I've planned this as a sort of Mom and Daughter thing, since I invited children to this workshop. Since this is truly a business venture, all of this will be free to the folks who attend. Can't wait!

Oh, I received a suggestion to bullet my steps in my tutorials for easier readability so I'll do that in the future. I want my readers to understand what I'm trying to say, so if this helps, it's a winner in my book!

Tip of the Day:
Always take time to listen. You just might hear a tiny "I love you".

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  1. Housecleaning? I'm not familiar with that word, thanks for the explanation (with or without bullets). Seriously--I'm glad you have so much energy.

  2. do you need directions to my house?? Feel free to clean all you want here, too. HA!

  3. Cool--I love the addition of your signature.

  4. I'm excited for you on your first open house! I almost didn't see this part because my eye glazed over when I read the house cleaning part!