Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My birds are returning and Muffin is all a-twitter!

This morning we saw our first red-wings and blue jays at our feeders. They've probably been back for a while, but we just haven't seen them. We put the feeders up in the back yard about a month ago and have seen most of the common over-wintering birds - cardinals, house wrens, and chickadees. But I told my DH the feeders are too far back from the house and I can't see them without binoculars. So, he put two feeders in the front yard right in the bushes under the LR window. That's where we saw the redwings and blue jays. When I look under the feeders, I can see a ground covered in doves!

Our cat, Muffin, is a show onto herself when she sees the birds through the window. I've simply GOT to put my camera in the LR and take snaps of her. A normally tranquil cat (well, some would really argue that point, calling her a hellcat!), Muffin gets agitated when she sees the birds. Her little face and whiskers start shaking, then her shoulders start shimmying and before you know it, her tail is a-twitching! She's so funny!!! Fortunately, she's an indoor cat and is only allowed on the screened porch in the summer. So, the birds don't have anything to worry about with her. It's surprising that as old as she is - nearly 12 - she still gets excited over the birds. We bought one of those little mouse laser lights and tease her with that. Believe me, she can go at it, trying to catch that little pinpoint of a light. We do have to be careful with the light, though, because sometimes she will stop and look at us as if to say, help me catch this thing!! What a funny cat!

Well, that's it for this morning. I'm heading out to work at the Mansion this morning, helping to get the quarterly newsletter out the door by April 15. Hmmm. That date rings a bell.....what..is..it....it's on the tip of my tongue......OH WAIT!! THAT'S TAX DAY!! HAVE YOU FILED YOUR TAXES YET??! Well, if you haven't what are you sitting here for??? GO DO THEM!!

Okay, that's really it for the day! Thanks for stopping by and letting me steam on the taxes!

Hugs and smooches,

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  1. I know the three of you will enjoy watching the birds at the feeder (I do).