Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day With Friends

Yesterday, Ernie and I had the privilege of spending a whole day with our good friends Milt and Mary. We drove to Elkins to visit the renovated Train Depot and ate lunch at a tiny cafe called MeeMee's Cakes and Pies. It's just a little cafe with only about 8 tables,but they had a good lunch menu and the people kept coming! We were pleased too, with the dessert selection, and added the cafe to our "places we must return to later" list!

After eating, we drove to Buckhannon to visit the antique stores and pet the resident cat. Mary and I love to go to these stores. We always find something that just sparks us. I have several really nice pieces of Fenton hobnail white milk glass and am always looking for the unusual pieces. I found a small candle plate for $5 and Mary found a little handpainted plaque with a chicken on it. I think we did very nicely there.

Anyhoo, Mary and I both like to make cards so once we were home and dinner was under control, we headed upstairs to my craft space to try out a new ink pad I had purchased last week. We wanted to see if it lived up to the hype we've read. I think we were rather disappointed although we followed the instructions carefully. We liked the look on the dark papers, but not so much on the white cardstock. I can still use the ink pad as an ink pad and just be pleasantly surprised when the ink lives up to its purpose!

But here's the best part - A CARD!!Yes! I've finally logged on to the right computer that has all the pictures in Picasa and I located the card I had wanted to show you a couple of days ago for a challenge on CardMaker Magazine's cardswap forum. I was to make a card using a piercing tool of any kind. Unfortunately, using dark cardstock doesn't let you see the pretty piercings so I went overboard using my white gel pen and ruined the look. I should do this again, don't you think? I know...practice makes perfect, but there's sooo much out there that I want to learn about!! I feel like a kid in a candy store when I see all the options out there! Ooohh, there's another one! Look! AAhhh, I want that one, too!!!

You know it's been a good day when you hate to say goodbye to good friends, but it's better when you know you can look forward to another one!! Anticipation is half the fun as my dad would say.

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  1. We always cherish our time with you two, too!

    Ta, ta,